• HOW DOES IT WORK? At MJK Estate Agents we are there to hold your hand throughout the whole process. If you are looking for a personal service, then we are the company for you. The first step is booking a valuation to make sure that you can actually achieve the price that you need. We will visit you at your home and discuss your needs, where you want to move to, what timescales you are working to and what is your actual motivation. This will enable us to understand your situation and how we can help you best. The valuation appointments usually take 45 minutes to an hour and are completely free with no obligation. If you are just looking for a price for now that is fine and we are happy to help. Alternatively if you want to market your property immediately we are happy to take your photos and details straight away at the initial valuation appointment. You are in complete control and we will tailor the package to suit your needs, with no pressure. 


  • WHAT ARE THE FEES? We have tried to simplify our sales packages so that you know exactly how much you will be paying from the start, this enables you to plan your finances before you even start the selling process. There are three different packages, two packages involve a one off payment upfront, with nothing further to pay and the third offers you a pay later package which will involve a payment on completion of the sale. We have tried to tailor the packages to suit all financial situations and we feel that we can help all our clients to sell their homes. Our fees range from £850 plus vat to a percentage of the sale and the fee will never change once agreed.


  • IS THERE AN UPFRONT FEE? With two of our packages you have the option to make a one off payment with no further fees on completion. The majority of sellers opt for these packages because once it is paid you can forget about it and you are assured to be fully marketed to all buyers until you have a purchaser in place. There are no time limits with these two options and we offer to market your home for as long as it takes.


  • IS THERE A WITHDRAWAL FEE? There are no withdrawal fees, unless you remove the property once a sale has been agreed or remove the property within the first 14 days of marketing, please see terms and conditions.


  • WHO WILL VALUE MY PROPERTY? Our local property expert has 20 years experience in the Doncaster market and will be the person you deal with from valuation, to viewings, negotiation of the sale and progression of the sale right through to completion. This means that you can have full confidence and trust in who you are dealing with and what was agreed during the initial valuation. 


  • WHO WILL DO THE VIEWINGS IF I DECIDE TO SELL? With all packages we leave the decision up to you. We offer both open house and accompanied viewing options.


  • WHO CREATES MY PROPERTY BROCHURE? Our local property expert will discuss your requirements during the valuation and they will listen to your thoughts on the best way to market your property. At this stage details will be taken about each individual room in your home, measurements will also be taken to add to your property particulars and a floor plan will be added to your details also showing the full dimensions of your home. Once the photos have been edited and added to your brochure we will send you a copy to check and make any necessary amendments. Once this is completed and you are happy, your property will be fully marketed and buyers will have access to your property particulars.


  • CAN I HAVE A SAY IN WHAT IS WRITTEN ABOUT MY PROPERTY? As your personal agent we are there to advise you at every stage, but ultimately we act on your behalf so if you feel that there are certain subject points you want highlighting in the brochure, we are more than happy to gain your input and include the points in the property particulars.


  • CAN I CHOOSE MY PHOTOS? We will always provide you with a copy of your property images so that you see your marketing material before we introduce your home to buyers. Again you are in total control of what is actually marketed to the public.


  • HOW DO I COMMUNICATE WITH THE ESTATE AGENT? We are the only estate agency in Doncaster that markets our properties with a mobile telephone number, this allows everyone prompt access to required information. As an owner you will be provided with direct telephone numbers to your property expert and email address if you prefer. As part of our service a weekly report is provided by your expert to show just how your property is performing against the competition. This means that you are in full control and you're armed with all the relevant information so that you can make educated decisions as an owner. 


  • DO I DEAL WITH JUST ONE PERSON THROUGHOUT? The answer is yes, as we believe this enables rapport to be built between sellers and buyers, to create a more secure sales process and prevent fall throughs.


  • WHO WILL ARRANGE MY PROPERTY VIEWINGS? All viewing enquiries will be handled by your personal expert and every customer will be financially qualified before they are able to view your home. You will be called to arrange a suitable time and date, but really other than providing these details your involvement is minimal.


  • WHO WILL CHASE MY VIEWING FEEDBACK? Again your personal expert will chase your viewing feedback as soon as possible and will always request constructive feedback, such as positives, negatives and what the viewer thought of the price. The aim is to arm you with as much information as possible so that you as the seller can make an educated decision when it comes to accepting offers or altering the price of your property. The feedback will also be accessible in your own login area which will be shared with you by your property expert.


  • WHAT ELSE SHOULD I THINK ABOUT WHEN SELLING MY HOME? The majority of the hassle is taken away from you by your personal expert at MJK Estate Agents, they will be there to guide you through the process and what is actually required at each stage. The only thing you need to plan is your next move, your finances and removal services. Although once again we can help you with regards to recommendations if you do struggle.


  • ARE THERE ANY OTHER COSTS TO ALLOW FOR DURING THE SALE? The only other costs you will need to consider are for conveyancing and your removals. 


  • DO I NEED A SOLICITOR? A solicitor will be required to help you with the conveyancing and the legal transfer of documents. At MJK Estate Agents we are happy to recommend our chosen solicitors to you, who are both extremely competent and competitive  with fees.


  • WHEN WILL I NEED TO INSTRUCT A SOLICITOR? You will be advised when to instruct your solicitor, but it is usually on acceptance of an offer for your property. It is advisable to go with a solicitor that is recommended rather than sourcing one who you have no knowledge of, as poor selection can sometimes hinder and jeopardise a sale.


  • WHEN SHOULD I ARRANGE REMOVALS? You should look to start arranging your removals after your solicitor has advised you of an exchange and completion date. On completion day keys are exchanged and this is usually the day that your removals will need to take place, to transfer you to your new home.


  • HOW LONG DOES IT USUALLY TAKE TO SELL A PROPERTY? There are no set timescales for the sale of a property, but on average it will take 4-8 weeks to secure a suitable offer on your property. Once solicitors have been instructed the average timescale ranges between 8 and 12 weeks.